covid-19 updates

A second national lockdown will begin at midnight on Thursday 29th October and last at least until 1st December.


The rules for this lockdown will be as follows:

  • Everyone will need to carry 'attestations de déplacement' when leaving the house.
  • You will not be able to travel between regions in France (if on holiday, you will be able to travel back home this weekend).
  • Bars, restaurants, cafés and other public places (cinemas, theatres, etc.) will be closed.
  • Universities will be closed.
  • Nurseries, primary schools and high schools will remain open with reinforced health protocols.
  • Essential shops will remain open.
  • Visits to retirement homes will be permitted, under strict health protocols.

We will keep you updated as more details are announced.


Remember you must wear a mask when interacting with anyone outside of your home.


All our appointments will be continuing but they will take place using Zoom

Aid for Autoentrepreneurs/Micro-entreprises


The new website for residence permit applications ('cartes de sejour') has opened. Book an appointment with us and we'll help you apply.

emotional support HELPLINE for English-speakers in France

During lockdown many people felt isolated and afraid - but for people living far from home and family it can be much worse.

But for anyone struggling there is an English-language helpline specifically aimed at foreigners living in France. The SOS Helpline is a long-established charity, but could be particularly useful for people struggling with the current situation - or any aspect of life in France. You can find out more information on The Local FR website here. If you need help and support, SOS Help can be reached on 01 46 21 46 46


If you have a home in France, whether it is a holiday home or a permanent residence, Brexit will have been at the forefront of your thoughts.


Here at SOSAnglo we keep ourselves updated on all the changes to the French/English relationship. If you are concerned about how any of these changes may affect you, call us for a chat and we will look at the practicalities of your situation, offer advice – and let you know what changes you may need to make.


As the situation develops with Brexit, we will support you to make sure you are safe, and can continue to live your life here in France without Brexiety.


Call or email us. Contact details are at the bottom of this page.


SOS ANGLO  - helping the English in France
My name is Valérie Roger.



who am i?


I am a French lady based in the Mayenne department and the aim of my business is to help the English-speaking community with their French experience. This may be anything from a simple translation to very specialized secretarial, relocation and administrative work.


My business was born from the love of helping people and a passion for the English language. The business was established 10 years ago, and since then has flourished, as you can see from my client testimonials.


What locations do I cover?


I work in the areas of 53, 61, 35, 50, 72, 85, and 14 but I can travel anywhere in France. My assistance is professional, friendly and I am proud to say that my discretion and reliability are second to none.


Day after day, I try to solve problems, arrange situations and make life easier for the expats or those who own second homes. I am reliable and efficient and  have helped a great many people by solving all sorts of issues that they found too complicated to solve on their own.


For me, no job is too small or too big. I enjoy the challenge of cutting through the red tape and finding the most satisfactory outcome for each of my clients.

recent news

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Connexions News - October 19th 2020

Britons in France: Residency card website opens today


All British people living in France before the end of 2020 will have to apply for one of the new cards in order to be able to stay legally in France, with applications required by June 20, 2021 at the latest.

Connexions News - September 7th 2020

Britons in EU: rights are safe says Michel Barnier


State pension rights – and other expatriates’ rights – are safe thanks to the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement deal the EU’s chief negotiator says.

Connexions News - August 14th 2020

UK tourists will not have valid health insurance in France


Anyone living in the UK planning to go on holiday to France from August 15th - including people visiting second homes - will no longer be covered by private health or travel insurance unless separately negotiated, in line with the latest UK government advice on travel.