Testimonials from SOS Anglo Clients

We're always very grateful for the great testimonials and reviews we receive from our clients, directly and via Google.

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Moved to France 2007 and been using SOS ANGLO with the many stumbling blocks tax, utility etc: nothing has been to much trouble they are really special and so helpful to all their clients. And get it sorted for you.

Carla Morris (April 2024)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

If you are looking for help with administrative procedures in France look no further. The service I received was absolutely fantastic. Valérie is such a lovely person and puts her heart and soul into helping you with a friendly and professional manner. I was getting out of my depth trying to set up my new business in France and I am so glad I discovered Valérie and SOS Anglo. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Valérie and Isabel. It completely took the stress out of everything for me. Valérie is very responsive and gets things sorted very quickly. She sorted out registering my business, helped with visa renewal and got my carte vitale sorted, all very promptly. I can 100% recommend! Thank you so much Valérie, you are one in a million!

Alastair Barclay (April 2024)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

After 13 years of scrimping saving we ran into a bunch of stumbling blocks to buying our dream holiday home in France. Specifically getting from Australia to France to view properties was a potential drain on our finances that we couldn’t really afford. We found Valérie and SOS ANGLO. Valérie was amazing. I think she won us over with the most simple statement “we will find your house in France and you will love it”. And she did and we did. With Valérie’s help we were able to navigate the legal issues and an obstinate real estate agent. She demonstrated that she was committed to representing “us” and our best interests. Further to that her actions after we purchased the property have earned her an open invitation to “pop in” whenever we are in our beautiful house. We are both so grateful that we found Valérie and her team, they made all of the issues simple and easy to deal with. They assisted with setting up all of the utilities for the house and have remained on call to help when ever we hit a road bump. We now have our dream holiday house in France and “we love it”. Thanks Valérie and team!

Shannon Shores (March 2024)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Lovely helpful staff who know their stuff. a must to help cut through red tape and paper work.

Marie Fox (September 2023)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

English language support for people moving to France. Very friendly staff who can help with utility bills, tax forms, driving licences, etc.

Mayenne Magazine (August 2023)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

We always get highly qualified help here. Very thankful to Valerie and Isabel.

Irene Vasekha (July 2023)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

"They're lifesavers"

My husband is not one to give compliments, but after yet another successful experience with Team SOS, he's declared them to once again, have made our immigrant life in France MUCH easier.


We have worked with SOS Anglo for ~4 yrs now. Our latest challenge was finding a physiotherapist who took carte vitale, spoke some English, and was within a reasonable driving distance of our home.


In the past, Valerie and her team have helped with driver's license exchanges, carte de sejour renewals and other issues involving administration or service providers. SOS has also been a wonderful resource if we simply needed help understanding some cultural differences.


It is without hesitation that we HIGHLY recommend SOS Anglo.

Sarah Smith (June 2023)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Valerie always efficient, gets straight on with it and processed quickly. Handles my accounts and any french paperwork I struggle with. Completely fuss free.

Nicky Davis (June 2023)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

My wife and I cannot recommend anglo sos highly enough, they are always ready to help even for the smaller problems of adapting to life in france, we recently changed our vehicle over and Isabel was fantastic, it takes the stress away knowing that they are both there to help.

Kevin Green (April 2023)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Helpful as always.

Denise Brookes (January 2023)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Fantastic service and Valerie and Isabel are the best.

Jayne Mitchell (November 2022)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Valerie has provided our family with a first rate service, helping us deal with business affairs in France after the sudden loss of my father. I cannot thank her enough and don’t know what we would have done without her help. Such an efficient service, she made things simple to understand and was so helpful. Would totally recommend without hesitation. Very professional in all aspects of her work.

Michele Bowan-Bevan (October 2022)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Valerie and team get the job done.

Tony Hall (October 2022)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

I have been using Valerie's services for many years now and after a recent move back to the UK I have now resettled in France and found myself again in need of Valerie and Isabel's services. Always 100% on communication and always responds to emails. I have found the SOS Anglo team to be an essential to living in France. Even things I am sure I could do, I find myself saying to my wife, "Lets give this to Valerie, make sure it's all done right"... I would have no hesitation in recommending Valerie and Isabel to anyone who is already in France or is thinking of moving to France. Thank you Valerie and Isabel for taking the panic out of moving to another country.

                                 Graham Bulpett (June 2022)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Expert help, makes you feel at ease English speaking and great rates..highly recommend.

Cathy McLean (April 2022)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Great staff... very helpful!!

Mick Gray (September 2021)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Brilliant service, they get things sorted very quickly, nice people.

Anthony Quantrell (September 2021)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

If you are an Expat then this should be your first stop.

Margaret Reid (July 2021)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Excellent service. Highly recommended.

Alan Minton (July 2021)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Super friendly, helpful and professional staff. Thank you 😃😃😃

Joanne Gibbins (June 2021)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Where stress is wasted away as they handle all my French needs. Thank you so much.

Marie Hudson (May 2021)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Excellent. COVID rules followed vigorously. Seen promptly and business conducted very easily.

Gill Hancocks (May 2021)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Very helpful and knowledgeable with many contacts, can sort most everything. Obviously with perfect English.

John Clift (April 2021)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Great service highly recommend.

John Clift (March 2021)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Brilliant to deal with - Everyone is so polite and helpful - Nothing seems to be a problem to them - I can recommend them 100% - Don't hesitate to contact them - Thanks for all your help 👍🇨🇵🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

David Forbes (February 2021)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Really friendly and knowledgeable people, they are helping my husband to apply for citizenship as a spouse of a European citizen. It is still in the process so will update as soon as we know more.

Anita Sperber (February 2021)

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Excellent experience as always, such a helpful team, makes all the difference to have help with difficult issues arising from living in another country Highly recommended Ann-marie and Valerie.

Denni Wickens

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Valerie of SOS Anglo is very reliable. She is efficient and willing to tackle any problem and we can recommend her services.

Tom and Beni Mchattie - Thuboeuf 53

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Thank you, Valerie, for helping with a French solicitor. We couldn't have managed without you, and he appreciated your professionalism too.

Nigel and Janet Stovin-Bradford

Valerie has completed our French Tax Forms for the last 2 years and we would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. She knows the french system well and has helped us on many occasions.

Denis and Ann Harris

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

I have used Valerie's services several times, she did all the paperwork for me starting a business, sorted out my expired driving licence and fills out the forms for the end of year tax returns. She is always very efficient and accurate. I would recommend Valerie to anyone and have on several occasions.

John Light

Having taken on EDF and won I felt that I could tackle anyone who tried to thwart me. That was, until the heating pump on our swimming pool sprang a leak and I tried to get it fixed...(it was still under guarantee). The pool kit manufacturer, their local representative, and the manufacturer of the actual pump gave me the run-around for a month. There was a complete lack of concern on all their parts for our plight, and absolutely no sense of the afer-sales service that one would expect in the UK.


It is said that the British Bulldog cannot let go once it has got its teeth into something (actually a fallacy). However, Valerie bit into our problem and played merry hell with all parties concerned and wouldn't let go until it was sorted. Two weeks later we gad a new pump. I had told Valerie that I was prepared to take this to court to get a resolution, but with her determination and persistence, this was not necessary,


I also feel that her charges are too modest for the trouble, stress and irritation that she saved us.


Well done, Valerie!

Nigel and Pearl Perry - Hercé 53

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Valerie has been a great asset to me and to many others, her knowledge of most subjects that the British need help in, is amazing, Valerie helped me with documents and legal paper work, she is very efficient, very reliable and her English is exceptional. I Pass Valerie's name and website to everyone I know.

Marie and Brian Willcox

Valerie has helped us and our friends many times, with French paper work, tax returns and phone calls. She is very efficient and determined to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion to any problem. Thank you Valerie for taking the worry out of the bureaucracy!

Eva and Peter Bridges

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

What would we do without Valerie?? After buying our house in Lower Normandy we needed to arrange contracts with the electricity,gas and water companies as well as setting up a bank account. Since we still live in the UK and have very busy lives this was proofing difficult. So after an email to SOSANGLO in stepped Valerie and sorted it all out. Valerie is very reliable and knowledgeable person and we will most deinitely use her services again.

Hilary Bubb and Phil Taylor


We have been using Valerie for a number of years now since we purchased our lake near Mayenne. She has worked for us on numerous things; dealing with electricity suppliers, making payments for us, ordering materials, and more recently helping with the arrangements to try and rent out the lake. Both Valerie and her husband have also carried out manual works at the lake for us in our absence. It is a great comfort to have someone local who we know we can call on if there is an issue or we need help. 

Sarah and Steve Bays

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Valerie has helped me a lot with my problems regarding tax issues, utility bills, setting up direct debits etc. in the last year or so whilst i have been in France. In fact don't think there is anything she could not help you with. She is very friendly, reassuring, and a real pleasure to talk to. I would recommend her whole heartedly.

Tony Madican


At the eleventh hour deadline for a grant/planning submission, I was given Valerie's contact details. We had been requesting various quotes for building work on our house which is in a petit cite de character and therefore eligible for a grant and subject to constraints. After a year of waiting for a local builder to provide a quote, which he never did, within less than one week of the submission deadline Valerie obtained a quote which was submited to the Architect De France.

Bernard & Constance St Louis

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Outstanding service from a highly professional lady.

Thank you for sorting our problem with EDF.

We would not hesitate to use the services of SOSAnglo again and again. Why Anglo property owners waste hours on seeking (usually dubious) answers to problems on Forum sites we will never know. If you have a problem with any French service provider and you need it solved fast and efficiently contact Valerie.

Sarah and Paul

I have been working with Valerie for about 2 years. She has been very prompt and always been more than helpful. No job is too small and she has never let me down. Good luck Val.

Trevor Nye

Valerie has been a great help to us after trying other people, we realise how professional Valerie is.

Catherine and Ken Todd

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Valerie was very helpful and that she is there in an emergency or simply for the fact you don't understand something and need a reliable and confidential person to call upon who will deal with it for you is simply marvelous. Thank you Valerie.

Margaret Allen

Valerie has helped us many times and has really made our lives easier. It's great to know that she's just a phone call away.

Cheryl Bingham and Ted Scove


SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Valerie is an excellent and efficient lady whom I trust completely with all my personal and business affairs. Her discretion and reliability is second to none. Her tenacity and determination to find the right solutions, has saved me many a euro! I count Valerie as one of my personal friends with her warm generous spirit she lights up the room.

Hazel Mahy

SOSANGLO have held our hand in navigating through the French Health System, Banking Issues, Electrical connection and several other situations. Valerie, has been reliable and extremely efficient, and always looked after our interests. We would recommend her services without hesitation.

Maggie and Les Harrison

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Valerie has been a tremendous help to us setting up bank accounts and dealing with utilities companies. She is very efficient, responding very quickly to our questions. Her understanding of English is great as is her knowledge of the French property management area. I cannot recommend Valerie highly enough.

George and Sue Revill

Last year Valerie saved us quite a lot of money by sorting out our tax return & also helping with many other smaller problems. I would recommend her to anyone moving out to France.

Geoff and Sylvia Horrocks

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France
After getting in touch with Valerie on a recommendation from friends, a meeting was arranged for the next time we were in France, Valerie was extremely helpful to us regarding planning permission, she even came to our house when we had a meeting with the Mayor. Valerie is very professional. Valerie filled in forms for us, made applications on our behalf, took photos, drew up plans, translated letters, acted as an interpreter and kept us up to date with progress by email, text and phone.

Teresa and David Dakin

I consider my French to be O.K. but being able to speak French does not mean that you don't need Valerie's help, instead of having to make hundreds of calls and being passed from one department to another Valerie knew exactly who to contact and where, saving us many hours and helping us avoid scams that could cost dearly. How ever good you think your French may be, or if you think you can manage, I would still advise anyone to get Valerie's help to cross the T's and dot the I's. She is efficient, knows the legal paths you need to take to register and in general just a very nice person.

Anthony & Susan De La Haye

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Valerie has helped us in numerous ways since we came to live in France two years ago. Arranging water, electricity, phone and internet connections are just a few of the things she's done for us, there isn't enough space to list them all! She always responds quickly to a cry for help, whether it's large or small and we've confidently passed her details on to friends who are coming to live in France very soon.

Margaret and David Streeter

Valerie has sorted out several problems for us in the last few months, quickly and efficiently. An extremely charming lady, we recommend her services without reservation!!

Nick and Julie Adams

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

 I would like to thank Valerie for all of her invaluable help with all aspects of French living, she has always been most helpful, professional and very good value for money. I will continue to use her services, and will continue to recommend her to all my friends, and anyone who needs assistance. Nothing is too much trouble, and for peace of mind in getting things done correctly and promptly Valerie is the best!!

Sharron Snell

Valerie has sorted out several problems for us in the last few months,quickly and efficiently.An extremely charming lady,we recommend her services without reservation!!

Nick and Julie Adams

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

A real treasure. Successfully sorted out problems over a planning permission and a great help with bureaucracy. Wouldn't be without her.

David Anton and Liz Hodges

Valerie was recommended to me and what a superstar she is. She has worked on a number of legal issues for me over the past couple of weeks and has done a fantastic job and continues to do so. I could not have done this myself. Many thanks to Valerie who I can thorough recommend.

Les Windeler

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Valerie was the kindness most helpful ever .....I was in hospitable in Fourgers not speaking French and unable to speak with the doctor. I had had a heart operation in Rennes and they were going to send me back (2 hours) for physio which for my husband was a problem. I was getting myself into a bit of an emotional state until I spoke to Valerie who sorted it all out getting me a room on my own and then been sent home. I hope one day to meet her, thanks again Valerie.

Elizabeth Jezequel

I have required assistance several times now, as a result of not being fluent in French, & not knowing certain practices in France. I can & have recommended Valerie for her patience, understanding, and efficiency in dealing with various matters as they arose. A bonus is a good sense of humour, & I applaud her perseverance with frustrating situations.

Pierre La France

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Having used the services of S O S ANGLO on several occasions we found them to be super- efficient , understanding and affordable. Reassuring to know they are there . Valerie is gem.

Alan and Wendy

I would like to say that Valerie, was of great help, when I needed to register my Classic car in France. The process is complicated & I was unable to find the correct information from car clubs & the internet. Valerie sent me detailed clear instructions, & was prompt in replying to all my further questions! Excellent advice & service!

Tim Scarr

Valerie dealt with my tax problems with great results. It would have been impossible for me to deal with the French revenue. I was impressed with her knowledge of the subject. Valerie took a lot of time going through everything with me and relevant persons in the UK, and I certainly appreciated her help. She is a lovely friendly lady, and I have always recommended to everyone, and will continue to do so.

Kath Heap

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Valerie is our guardian angel what would we do without her !!

Jane Sharman and Clive Thomas

Wow what can we say:- Valerie is our saviour! Everything we think is a mega "mountain" to climb Valerie just makes it into a "mole hill" she is worth every cent and we would recommend her always. We can't thank her enough for her exceptional services she will always be our first point of call in all French red tape!

Ann and Ron Brice

Thank you for your help last Friday. In a very complicated and stressful situation, you made everything clear and easy to understand. Your insightful thoughts and comments made a very problematical situation much easier. Although this situation is far from being resolved, Valerie's help was and will be invaluable in our ongoing court case. thank you I cannot recommend you highly enough.

Tick Moyes and Nick Smith

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

We have been using Valerie for a few months now and we have found her to be very helpful and efficient with all our requests. Valerie has recently helped us with our relocation from Mayenne (53) to Juan les Pins (06). The move without Valerie's assistance would have been very stressful. Valerie has helped us with everything, including school registration, change of address for our business, tax and social contributions and much more. Valerie always returns our calls promptly and deals with all our requests very quickly and efficiently. Her pricing structure is very good even if you just need a quick phone call. Basically Valerie is totally amazing!! Highly recommended!!

Paul and Natalie Williams

Valerie has been fantastic. Initially when we first moved she spent a couple of hours with me going through the essentials and helping me set up direct debits etc, which saved hours of my time - and probably saved me years of wondering if I had forgotten anything. Since then, we have been able to call her to help at times when someone fluent made life easier - mostly quick phone calls to agencies, and sometimes quick insights and a couple of medical appointments. Her billing is extremely fair and accurate and I would say she under-bills if anything. Big thanks.

Lionel and Libby Watson

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

I started using Valerie in August 2014 via recommendation from an insurance broker. I needed help to re register my UK car in France. A complex matter at the best of times but made significantly harder due to fact it was originally imported to UK from Canada. Valerie has been amazing liaising with all the various departments and eventually finding someone who can handle the whole process. My french is ok but could never have handled this without a lot of help. The other day I needed a letter translated, done within a couple of hours. Great service, can't recommend highly enough.

Paul Rosen

We have only lived in France since March 2014 and have had to deal with a lot of red tape - some we managed - some a total nightmare... I had an issue concerning social charges and within a couple of hours Valerie had sorted it out for me..it would have taken me weeks... if not years.... I would highly recommend Valerie for her services... she's a god send.

Christine Kavanagh

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Absolutely fantastic service from Valerie. Every time we have needed her she has been there & solved every problem possible. Highly recommended.

John and Alison

During the years I have known Valerie, she has helped me to deal successfully with the many problems I`ve had with Centre des Impots and the like. Valerie always knows the right people to contact; knowing also, the best way with which to deal with them. She gets results - and quickly! I`ve never hesitated to recommend Valerie to my friends. She does such a good job - a real professional!

Nev Harrison

I was introduced to Valerie at SOS Anglo by David at Cle France. He felt that the type of technical help I needed when dealing with our new artisan and his devis was beyond his comfort zone. And what a Godsend Valerie has proved to be. She smoothed the way for me to get good value for the ? without upsetting (too much) our worthy artisan. The devis is a very precise and legal document which should be treated with respect and this is the skill of SOS Anglo. I must confess that I now have a tendency to treat Valerie as my PA, so efficient is she at getting things done & a joy to work with. Without her would we have our new Ikea beds & sofas? I doubt it. Thanks Valerie.

Martin and Maggie

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

 A big thank you to Valerie for her help over the last few months and hopefully for months to come, her assistance was always sorted within 24 hours, thank you Valerie.

Pauline Giggins

Thank you . Excellent service and I would and will recommend to everyone in need of such a service. Fantastic.

Joseph Walker

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Thank you so much Valerie for helping with our Carte Vitale. We really could not have managed all those telephone calls. You are brilliant. Merci Beaucoup.

Christine and Neil Finch

We have used Valerie at SOS Anglo on a number of occasions and have nothing but praise for her efficiency in solving our issues and her friendly manner. Would highly recommend Valerie and her service. Thank you.

Jenny and John

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Valerie was most helpful in obtaining a refund of monies paid to a builder who had failed to do the work he had contracted to do. We had been trying to get the money back for months after it was obvious he was not going to complete the work. All it took was a phone call and then a letter drafted by Valerie and he showed up with a cheque. If you are thinking of instructing her to help - please do!

Roselyn and Dave Watson

Quiet, discreet, efficient, unflappable. A godsend. Valerie has taken away all the stress out of looming administrative deadlines for me and made an impeccable job of something that was causing me nightmares! Thank you Valerie - I would wholeheartedly recommend you to help anyone with absolutely ANYTHING.

Elizabeth Harvey

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

if you are in any doubt about any of your financial situations in France or you need a helping hand in a moment of crisis, call here She is indispensable and so efficient.

Rita Bryan

Excellent service - very clear guidance on what needs to be done. Extremely cost-effective. Would not hesitate to use Valerie's services again.

Sue Slinn

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Valerie is most helpful and without her services I would be lost. I would and have recommended her to friends that need help. Thanks Valerie.

Steve Hughes

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

 Valerie has been incredibly helpful in registering a company for me and obtaining my Carte Vitale. I could not have done it without her assistance. She even helps me with day to day queries and letters that need to be translated. I highly recommend her.

Karen Nel

SOSANGLO - helping the English in France

Thank heavens I found Valerie, she really sorted my problem with the French Bureaucracy out, I highly recommend her to my Guests who are House buying and friends who have problems to sort out that only a French person can understand. Thank you.

Cheryl Carter