Having been through the process many times before, we understand how buying and selling property in France can seem quite overwhelming! We are here to guide you through the transaction, from start to finish.


Whether it be searching for your dream home, selling a much-loved property, or buying that coup de cœur, we can take you through every stage, giving you more time to breathe, and less time to worry !


Searching for your dream French home?


We have created several made-to-measure property search packages for you to choose from should you need assistance when prospecting houses in France.


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Buying your coup de cœur French home.


The process of buying a home here in France can not only be overwhelming, but is very different to the way things are done in the U.K and elsewhere in the world. This often leaves room for confusion, frustration and misunderstandings. Things can get lost in translation and make the process unnecessarily stressful for you. We have created several packages to take care of everything for you from A to Z.


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The French administrative system is infamous! You have probably heard the very worst rumours and we’re here to say that…it’s all totally true!


The system here can be long-winded and very complicated. Fortunately, we at SOS Anglo are so used to it that dealing with it all has become second-nature! We have come up with a few packages to get you started on your French journey, or to help you on your way out of it.


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Registering your vehicle in France can be a complicated process. We ensure you have all the correct paperwork in place before making the submission.


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Driving legally in France is, obviously, essential. We ensure that you have the correct documents to make your driving experience in France as seamless as possible.


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If you have recently moved to France, you will have quickly discovered that acquiring health cover here is a little more complicated than it can first appear. Fortunately, we know the system well, and can take you through the process from A-Z stress free…well…almost! 


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As the rights of British Expats in France remain in flux, the Interior Ministry of France are advising that Britons resident in France obtain a Carte de Séjour. After Brexit, France will be entitled to require Britons living here to demonstrate that they fulfil certain criteria. What form these take is as yet unknown, but the requirements are understood to be the same as (or very similar to) those already in place for a Carte de Séjour. By obtaining one now, Britons will be able to ensure their status in France, regardless of future Brexit negotiations.


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Letting go of your home can be a difficult process for any home-owner, especially if it’s a property that you have loved, renovated, and that holds a sentimental value for you. We can help mediate between parties during the sale to make things a little easier for you…


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Registering your business in France can take time, and it is important to register with the appropriate authorities to avoid complications further down the line. We will work to ensure that you create the right type of business for you so you can get on with your business with confidence.


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