Cartes de Sejour

What type of card do you need to apply for?

There are two types of carte de sejour for which you can apply. The first is for people who have been resident for a minimum of three months (Carte de Séjour temporaire). The second is for those who have been resident for five years or more (Titre de Séjour permanent).



  • Have sufficient income to live in France (the requirement is around €1,200 per month for a couple, it can be pensions, rental incomes, savings…), and
  • Have French health cover (it can be via CPAM, SSI ex-RSI or private).

How can we help you?


We will:

  • ensure you have the correct documentation, which includes meetings at my home office as often as necessary.
  • make all necessary copies.
  • complete all relevant documentation for you.
  • organise the fingerprint appointment at the prefecture.

Prices - first carte de sejour

If this is your first application of any sort for a carte de sejour, then the fees are:

Prices - replacement/renewal of carte de sejour

If you already have a carte de sejour and need to replace it as recommended or renew it, then the fees are:

119 euros per person, or

149 euros for a couple

For a 1-5 year carte de sejour

49 euros per person, or

79 euros for a couple

For a 10 year carte de sejour

19 euros per person, or

29 euros for a couple