Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I be charged?


Clients are charged from 6,00€ TTC and then per quarter hour. I will only charge you for the amount of time that we spend together or that I spent on your behalf at my office. (E.g. Emails, telephone calls often fall into this time band).


In addition, we have fixed price packages available for the following: car registration, carte de sejour, business registration, health cover registration, exchange of driving licence, property: search, purchase, and sale.



When and how do I pay?


Clients will receive an invoice via email or post at the end of each month.



Do you charge travel fees?


I charge 0.42cts TTC per kilometer return trip (see prices section).



Where do you go?


I can meet you at my office, at your property, or in the office of a notaire or business establishment if you need me to translate.  We also make good use of technology here, so I can work with Skype, Facetime or Facebook Messenger if you prefer.



If my request is not on the list, do I have to find someone else?


Just call or email me. I know I will be able to help you - even if it is to point you in the direction of someone else.