Property Search


  • A search for properties according to your specifications.
  • Liaison with estate agents, legal representatives, town halls and the Police de l’Eau (environmental water services) in order to obtain all the information about the properties.
  • We will provide a comprehensive report about each property via email.

Price : 289€ TTC


This package includes a maximum of 10 properties. For more than 10 properties we can provide you with a customized quote.


Basic plus

In addition to what is offered in the Basic package, the Basic Plus package includes the following:

  • We will undertake initial viewings of up to FIVE selected properties, with photos, videos and notes taken in order to provide more detailed information.
  • We will provide a comprehensive report including photos, videos and notes for each property viewed.

Price : 899€ TTC


1. Should you wish us to view more than 5 properties, we can provide you with a customized quote.

2. There is a maximum of 530km return radius from the town of Mayenne. Viewings for properties further afield can be arranged at an additional cost.



The Comprehensive package expands on the Basic Plus service.

  • After the initial viewings, we will carry out a second viewing of one selected property of interest.
  • We will provide assistance in the negotiation process between buyer and vendor, involving the estate agency and the notaire.

Price : 1399€ TTC


*This quote covers a maximum of a single second viewing of a selected property. Should you wish for us to second-view more than 1 property, we can provide you with a quote for this.


Package 1: Payment on receipt of invoice.

Packages 2 & 3: €500 deposit