Book a standard appointment

This page is for booking a general meeting to discuss anything except your annual tax return (If you want to book a meeting to discuss your annual tax return, please click here).


Depending upon your requirements, your appointment will be with either Valerie or Isabel. Please check the lists below to determine who to book your appointment with.

Appointments with Isabel (when back)

  • Car registration
  • Driving license exchange and renewal
  • Business follow-up
  • CPAM registration follow-up
  • Change of address
  • Day to day enquiries (book Dr appointments, calls to bodies, chase, updates, insurance claims, to name but a few)
  • CAF applications
  • CSS applications
  • Turnover declarations
  • Utilities

Appointments with Valerie

  • Property search
  • Property purchase
  • Property sale
  • Visa applications
  • Visa renewal applications
  • Tax returns
  • Tax follow-up and H1 forms to fill in
  • Inheritance process
  • Set up businesses
  • Health cover applications
  • Pension applications
  • Complaints against bodies (Prefecture, Mairie etc…)

Isabel is on maternity leave, please book any appointment with Valerie


If you are seeing one of our staff in person, then your appointment will be at the following address:

30 Place du Marche
53100 Chatillon-sur-Colmont


If you are seeing one of our staff online, then it will be via Zoom.

Zoom is free to use and free to download from here.


Use the button below to book a meeting at the SOS Anglo offices about anything other than your annual tax return.


Use the button below to book an online meeting with SOS Anglo about anything other than your annual tax return.