Our Team

Valerie Roger

Anglophile Valerie has 20 years experience of assisting English speakers in all aspects of French life, helping newcomers orientate to the French way of thinking, working and living.


Valerie can be found in her office in Chattilon-Sur-Colmont,  laughing (or singing with Amy-Marie). She will always give a professional response to your questions, and will fight your corner if needed.

Amy-Marie Gardie

Canadian anglophone, Amy-Marie is a singer and instrumentalist who has spent the last 15 years as a professional music teacher here in the Mayenne region.


A year abroad through the Rotary Club sent her to Mortagne au Perche, in l’Orne, where a certain fireman sparked her interest for all things French, not just wine and cheese !

Phil Benjamin

Specialist in all things techie.

Rare photograph taken in daylight.

Alexis bushnell

Alexis is English and has lived in France for the past eight years. Alexis is enthusiastic about animals, and keeps herself fit with the help of her dog and yoga.


Alexis supports SOSANGLO with all aspects of its social media.