Obtaining a Visa for France

What type of visa do you need to apply for?

The type of visa will be determined by what you want to do in France (i.e., early retiree, retiree, want to set up a business...).



Each type of visa has its own requirement depending on the situation.


How can we help you?


We will:

  • help you make the application on the visa website.
  • help to book the appointment in the visa centre for your country.
  • complete all relevant online forms.
  • follow up the process until the visa is issued.


Visitor visa: 129€ one person, or 169€ for a couple

Business visa: 145 one person, or 195€ for a couple



Visitor visa: 59€ one person, or 89€ for a couple


Business visa: 79 one person, or 99€ for a couple


Renewals from visitor visa to business visa (change of status):

125€ one person, or 165€ for a couple